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since 1997
  Toronto, Mississauga, Montreal, Ottawa, Canada, Ukraine, USA


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Translate and Interpret Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish to/from English

+1 (416) 763 - 4256

Since 1997

Translation / Phone Interpretation / Audio-Video Transcription

We translate all type of text and audio/video materials as well as interpret 3-way phone calls.

Our language translation services:

  • English to/from Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish.
  • Affordable rates/prices (from $0.03/word).
  • Certified & notarized official translation.
  • Handwritten text accepted.
  • Fast turnaround.
    Personal correspondence: same or next day. Up to 10 page documents: 2-3 days. 
  • High translation quality provided by professional translators - native speakers.
  • Preserving style and document/file format.
  • Personal touch and confidentiality.

Our phone interpretation services (3-way conference calls to Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and other countries):

Our audio transcription and phonetic translation services:

  • Transcription and translation of dictation, interviews, conference proceedings, speeches, correspondence, lectures, meetings, manuscripts, teleconferences, etc.
  • Audio and video files (wav, mp3, mpeg, ogg, dss, vox), cassettes or tapes to/from text.

Languages and Rates

English to/from Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish:

Type of Translation

($/word) *
Personal Correspondence, Regular Text 0.03  *
Specialized (Technical, Medical, Legal, etc.), Handwritten 0.05 *
Certified, Notarized Official Translation (Certificates, decrees, child adoption documents) call

* Minimum: $10.00.  Express service available. Polish: personal - $0.05+; business and technical - $0.08+

We also provide data/text entry and typing services:

  • We provide high quality and cost-effective data/text entry and typing services. Conversion of manuscripts, thesis paper books, periodicals, research papers, etc, to digital/computer text form in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, and English.
We translate child adoption documents and entire packages. 

Subject Areas
  • flower delivery ukrainePersonal and business correspondence.
  • Legal/court documents, contracts, agreements, patents.
  • Child adoption packages.
  • Immigration-forms, government-issued documents. refugee claims, permits, visas, passports.
  • Manuals and manuscripts.
  • Marketing, promotional, and advertising literature.
  • Newspaper and magazine articles.
  • Police, divorce, marriage, birth certificates.
  • (Literary) Fiction Books.
  • Old (handwritten) letters.
  • Technical and scientific literature.
    Aerospace and Automotive, Computer Hardware and Software, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Medicine and Biology, Oil and Gas, etc.
  • Web page/site/software localization.
    Certified and notarized (if required). Accepted by Embassies and consulates.
Text Format

We'll accept your text or audio/video materials in any of these forms/formats:

  • Fax.
  • E-mail text.
  • E-mail file attachment: .txt; .rtf (Rich Text Format); .doc (MS Word); .pdf (Adobe), .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, etc (wav, mp3, ogg, vox, mpeg, dss).
  • Mail
  • Web page, Web site.

We can translate, convert (mail/fax/e-mail/file) and forward your letter to the addressee in Ukraine or Russia. You can also have us receive letters for you and send you translations via e-mail or fax, at no additional cost.

How it Works

Contact us to discuss your translation needs by:


Phone: +1 (416) 763-4256

Mail:  270 The Kingsway, PO Box 74545, Etobicoke, ON, M9A 5E2, CANADA.

Translation Software

You may also opt for machine translation tools. Visit our online Ukrainian Software Store Russian Software Store, and PARS/Polish to find out more about our language translation software, fonts, etc.

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Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian Translation Service phone interpretation in Toronto and Mississauga, (Ontario, Canada), Montreal (Quebec), Ukraine, and USA. Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian translators and phone interpreters in Toronto (Ontario, Canada), Montreal (Quebec), Ukraine, and USA.

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tel: +1 416 763-4256
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