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Ukraine: Market Research and Business Development

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We help establishing business activities in Ukraine.

We, along with our partners in Ukraine and Russia, offer a full range of market research and business development services for firms and organizations that are either doing business in Ukraine and Russia or considering entering this vast and promising market conveniently located at the heart of Europe.

Ukraine is a young nation. The Ukrainian economy is currently on the move - from the command style of the recent communism era to a free market. It features plenty of inexpensive yet well-educated labor force, specific resources and a huge, 50-million consumer market.

We'll help you explore opportunities available in Ukraine and Russia, reduce risks, increase competitiveness and improve profitability of your business in Ukraine and Russia.

Our Services:
  • Market research - full range of services.
    Products and services, consumers, customers, partners, competitors. Macroeconomic analysis. Industrial, social and political survey. Market forecasting. Product, package and advertising testing. Qualitative research. Financial and strategic nationwide sector surveys of selected markets.
  • Development of market entry strategies.
    Fact finding tours. Assessment of future risks (legal, economic, and political). Business and strategic planning. Information on business legislation, trade treaties, import/export and customs regulations. Assistance in establishing business contacts and relationships with Ukrainian companies, organizations. Development of trade opportunities, arrangement and facilitating of trade agreements. Brand, service and product positioning.
  • Registration of businesses.
    Registration of businesses with government bodies.
  • On-going marketing consulting.
  • Financial services.
    Setup and automation of the accounting system. Budget development and control. Management reporting system development. Auditing and legal support. Tax and accounting counseling.
  • Human resources development.
    Recruitment, effective selection techniques. Personnel audits, incentive plans for all categories of employees. Developing corporate culture. Establishing integrated personnel and performance management system. Training.
  • Investment projects in Ukraine.
    Representation of foreign direct investors. Information on and analysis of the investment projects available in Ukraine. Minimization of investment risks. Assistance in raising capital for worthwhile Ukrainian projects. Execution of investment strategies. 
  • Restructuring consulting.

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