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ukrainian translation software

Translation program, dictionary and phrasebook software, language learning CD-ROMs, spell-check, fonts and keyboard support. 

Translation Software

version 2009
English-Russian Translation Software
for Windows Vista/7/XP/98/Me/95/NT/2000


Pars Russian translation software       or order by phone:  1-416-763-4256
secure online

  • See Full Description for more details (click here >>).
  • Translate any text: documents, email, Web pages/sites, files, chat.
  • Translate in either direction: Russian into English or English into Russian.
  • Download PARS to your computer or order it on a CD-ROM; or you can have both.
  • PARS can be used as a stand-alone translation program or from within MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; the translation function is available through a plug-in toolbar/menu.
  • PARS translation software is based on an English-Russian general dictionary containing about 65,000 words and phrases (each direction); the total number of word forms is much greater.
  • Direct file-to-file butch translation mode is available.
  • PARS/Russian supports the following file formats: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, RTF, Windows/DOS text, HTML (CP1251), HTML (KOI8), which means that one can use PARS/R to translate Web pages (both on-the-fly, as you browse the Net, and in the file-to-file mode).
  • User dictionary functionality: create, edit and update your own user dictionary(ies).
  • Free system vocabulary customization services - just send us your text and we'll take care of the rest.
  • 7x24 technical support.
  • 26 optional professional add-on dictionaries on: Aerospace, Automotive, Aviation, Aviation Medicine, Banking/Finances, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Communications, Computers, Economy/Business, Ecology, Electronics, Geodesy/Cartography, Geology/Mining, Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Military, Oil/Gas, Packaging, Patents
    Physics, Radio-Electronics, Politics, Technology/Engineering, Textile/Light Industry
  •  The PARS/Russian project is being constantly developed; registered users are offered free software upgrades.
  • The PARS/Russian technology has been around since 1989; PARS translation programs  are used by LG, KPMG, Northrop-Grumman, US Army, thousands of other government agencies, companies, universities, hospitals, schools boards and individual users. 
  • Requirements: a computer running any MS Windows operating system.
Russian Fonts and Phonetic Keyboard Driver Software

Russian Phonetic Keyboard Driver and Fonts
for Windows Vista/7/XP/98/Me/NT/2000


UkrWriter: Ukrainian Fonts and Keyboard Support (Driver)       or order by phone:  1-416-763-4256
secure online

  • RuWriter is a Russian keyboard driver for Windows 7, Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) / XP /98/Me/95/NT/2000.
  • It enables you to type in Russian using either a phonetic (transliterated) or the Russian standard layout - in any Windows application, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Easy to use: press a keyboard layout toggle key combination to switch between English and Russian.
  • Download RuWriter to your PC or order it on a CD-ROM.
  • Compatible with PARS/Russian, an English-Russian translation program.
  • 7x24 free technical support worldwide.
  • Requirements: a PC running any MS Windows operating system including Vista (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • For more info: email us or call 1-416-763-4256.
Other Russian Software Products
  • ORFO Russian spell check software.
  • English-Russian talking dictionary program Find-a-Word and phrasebook program.
  • Russian language learning CD-ROM.
  • RuWriter and ParaWin Russian fonts and keyboard support (driver).
  • Software packages: translation, dictionary, keyboard driver, spell-check, language CD-ROM, keytop labels, etc.
  • Keytop Labels. Self-adhesive Russian keyboard labels.
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