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Testimonials and Ratings: Chernobyl Tour

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Testimonials, Ratings, and Feedbacks

We thought the tour to Chernobyl was amazing and very well taken care of! The guide was great, transportation comfortable and safe and the food was good.

Jurren E. (Netherlands), 2014   Rating: n/r


I also want to feedback you about the Chernobyl tour: It was just perfect. Our guide Vita was very kind and attentive. UkrainianWeb made a wonderful job arranging everything I needed and giving me all information. Chernobyl is a very

interesting place to visit and having these experience is unique. Once again, thanks for everything!!!

Matheus C.  (Brazil), 2014   Rating:


Thank you for your commitment and specially the very good job of the guide on site. Also we support Ukrania in these days. Kindest Regards and thanks for all again.

Gustavo, A. y O. (Spain), 2014   Rating:


Thank you! The Chernobyl day was wonderfully executed. You are a fantastic and professional team. Hi remarks for our guide, from whom we learnt a lot. All the best,

Oriol S. G. (Spain), 2014   Rating: r

I appreciated the tour much and have nothing to say really. The guide was good.

Jon ÷. (Sweden), 2014   Rating: n/r

An incredible two days!! My guide, Yevgen was just awesome. I hope to comeback in the winter.....I have fallen in love with Chernobyl.

Beth C.  (USA), 2014   Rating:

It was all great.

Adrian L. (Canada), 2014   Rating: n/r

The Tour was great. And it was the best decision to go on the Private Tour with Ukrainianweb.

In a Nutshell on Friday (1st. Day) we saw the Chornobyl Reactor and Pripyat detailed. Lot of Photos where taken. Kindergarten, School, Swimming Pool, Reactor, Monument of the Liquidators, the new Sarcophagus Construction Site, just to name few some.

On Saturday (2nd. Day) we started with Duga3, the old Soviet Over the Horizon Radar. A must see for Radiofreaks like me. It was awesome to see the Antennas, the Operator Rooms, old Computer Technique and Radio Equipment. Then we went to the Cooling Tower Area and saw a Laboratory for biologic stuff. After that all we went to Pripyat again to see some stuff we didn't at the First Day to complete the Photo Albums.

The Tour Guide Evgen was a very good one. There's nothing i can complain negative about.

About the Contact with the Booking Agenture (Yuri) itself. It all went very well and clear. The Contact was good and all Questions was cleared out just in Time. Organisation was perfect.

Who knows, maybe one Day we repeat the Tour with focus on some special Interests in the Zone. I know it will go well again if another Tour happens.

Thanks Yuri and Staff from Ukrainianweb for all the good Service provided and have a great Time.

JŁrgen P. (Germany), 2014   Rating:


It was a memorable tour. Our guide, Marek, was such a attentive, smart and funny person ! I want to come back with Marek as our tour guide again !!! The only thing missing: we could explore so much more... considering we pay U$150 :)

but I will be back!!!  Thanks!!!

Camila R. (Brazil), 2014   Rating: n/r

It was all in all a very good tour. The driver was driving like hell but he knew every hole in the way too Tjernobyl. But we were only 2 costumers on the tour. It was very interesting to see the very big radar antenna in the Wood. The guide spoke good English but looked tired. I will recommend your bureau in Denmark for my friends.

JÝrgen A. (Denmark), 2014   Rating:

Just want to let you know that we had a great trip to Chernobyl and Pripyat. Evgen and Yuri did a superb job in making our visit a great experience. Everything worked out perfectly.

Jan M. H. (Denmark), 2013   Rating: n/r

I just want to let you know that we really thought the Chernobyl tour was great! It was extremely interesting and our guide was very informative. The logistics were perfect, exactly as promised. Thanks very much.

Carol F. (US), 2013    Rating:

Very happy with the tour. Thank you very much for this.

Stefans B. (UK, Latvia, Estonia;), 2013.  Rating:

We had a most successful trip to Chernobyl yesterday, thanks to you. Everything worked out as planned, as our driver and guide showed up promptly. Our guide, Maxim, was very knowledgeable and personable, and we recommend him to your clients.

The lunch provided was an excellent example of Ukrainian cooking, and we, and the H., thank you for this most extraordinary adventure of historical significance.

Ruth and Bill D (US), 2010    Rating: n/r

The trip to Chernobyl went very well. The students were satisfied and so was I. The guide Yuri is very good.

Thank you for now. I will recommend your company to others, and maybe I will need a trip in a year or two

Jogvan P (Denmark), 2011    Rating:

I wanted to thank you for the tour last week. It was very educational and mind opening. The service was good, the guide seemed to know what she was talking about and she made everything possible to make our stay comfortable.

Jorge N.G. (Spain), 2011    Rating: .

We had a very good tour and were very happy. He (the guide) was a good guide, spoke decent English, looked out for us, and took us around to a lot of interesting areas in the exclusion zone.

Feel free to use me as a reference if others have questions about your services. I have been impressed with your follow-through and would recommend you to others

Richard S. (US), 2009     Rating:

Everything was OK. Very interesting visit. Good guide. Thank you.

Christian V. (Belgium), 2009    Rating:

I wanted to personally thank you for arranging the outstanding trip to Chernobyl when I visited Kiev. Iíve visited some 67 countries in the last few years, but Chernobyl was one of the most unique and harrowing experiences Iíve ever had.

If you ever need it, Iíll be happy to provide a positive reference about the experience to any potential customers who may have questions or hesitation.

Michael M. (UAE/US), 2007    Rating:

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