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Military Tours: Shooting, Tank Driving

Military Tour: AK-47 Rifle Shooting, Tank Driving in Kiev

Our shooting tours come in several versions: Custom, Light, Light Plus, and Hardcore Shooting packages. All of them feature:    

Two-way Kiev transfer (in some cases, from your hotel)
Weapons and safety gear rental
Shooting range access and on-site instructions
English-speaking female tour guide
Complimentary beer (when done with the military part)
Duration 2-3 hours

Selection of firearms:

Revolver Nagant, Pistol, Clay rifle, Shotgun, Mosin-Nagan rifle, Kalashnikov AK and  AKM (Modified) assault rifles, M-16 assault rifle, SVD Dragunov sniper rifle.

Custom Shooting:   from 79

You chose firearms and number of rounds

Revolver Nagant

Clay shooting

Mosin-Nagan rifle
Kalashnikov AKM (Modified) assault rifle (
automatic and/or semi-automatic mode)
Kalashnikov assault rifle (automatic and/or semi-automatic mode)
M-16 assault rifle
SVD Dragunov sniper rifle

Light Shooting:   from 79

Kalashnikov rifle (10 shots)
Pistol (
10 shots)

Light Plus Shooting:   from 89

SVD Dragunov sniper rifle (10 shots)
Kalashnikov Assault Rifle (5 shots, semi-automatic mode)
Kalashnikov Assault Rifle (15 shots, automatic mode)

Hardcore Shooting:
   from 169

Revolver Nagant M1895 (7 shots)
(10 shots)
Mosin-Nagan rifle (
5 shots)
Clay shooting
(25 shots)
Kalashnikov AKM Assault Rifle (
10 shots, semi-automatic mode)
Kalashnikov AKM Assault Rifle (10 shots, automatic mode)
SVD Dragunov sniper rifle
(10 shots)


Tank/Armored Personnel Carrier Riding/Driving:
from 129

You will ride/drive a
300 horse-power iron beast over an open terrain.

* armored vehicle (or tank) up to 30 minutes rental
* professional driver-instructor

Complete Day Military Experience:
from 169

* Tank / Armored Personnel Carrier Riding / Driving
* 45 mm Cannon Shooting
* Firearms Shooting: AK-47 Assault Rifle, SVD Sniper Rifle, Pistols.

Inquiries, Booking: 

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