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Chernobyl-Pripyat Tour Schedule

Schedule of 2-day Chernobyl-Pripyat tour

Chernobyl Tour, Ukraine: Reactor, Nuclear Disaster/Accident

The Chernobyl tour is virtual a daily operation; it goes all year round. Well, almost. Occasionally there are a few days a year that for some reasons tourists are not allowed into the Zone. In most cases, it's weather-related, like for example due to  record-setting snowfalls, flooded roars, etc.

It's not also recommended to plan your Chernobyl trip around April 26, when the anniversary of the tragic event of the Chernobyl accident is commemorated every year. Some of those dates might be used solely for government and international events.

Our 1-day tour schedule is posted on the main page.  Below you will find the schedule for 2-day and multi-day events. 

2-day tours:

If the dates that interest you are not in the table above, contact us to see if/how we can help you with your dates. We will surely be able to do so.

We can customize a 2-day Chernobyl-Pripyat trip for you or even fix a private excursion for your party only. Make sure to keep checking this pagem as new dates are added on a constant basis.  


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