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Chernobyl Tour, Ukraine: Reactor, Nuclear Disaster/Accident

If you are set to go on a Chernobyl-Prypyat tour (or another tour we offer on this website), we expect you to arrive in Kiev at least the night before your tour. The morning of your tour, we will pick you up at a centrally located tour pick-up point to transfer you to the Exclusion Zone. If it's a 2-day tour we will offer you a night stay at at the Chernobyl local accommodation facility available only for those who are booked for the tour.       

Kiev hotel nightly rates run anything from $40-50 for a room at a budget hotel all the way up to $250-300 for a high quality accommodation. On the other hand, you will find a decent, clean hostel bed with a $10/person nightly rate. If you are more into apartment rentals, you will also find plenty of those conveniently situated around and close to the city center.

While searching, try to concentrate on those within a kilometer or two radius around the Independence square (Maidan), so you would be close to the Chernobyl, military, etc tour pickup locations. You want to restrict your search area mostly to the  right bank of the Dnipro river. For example, hotel "Kreschatyk", "Dnipro", "Ukraina", “Rus”,“Impressa”, "Bakkara", or "Tourist" (on the left bank; it is well connected to Kiev downtown by subway though)

One should start search with online websites like,, and  Hotwire. These sites will educate you pretty quickly about what is actually available in this department in Kiev. 

Trivago and TripAdvisor can provide a useful angle to your search too..

Occasionally, we offer package deals, but this is not something you cannot beat by doing it step-by-step and on your own.  


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