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Chernobyl Videos

How the world perceives Chernobyl on video  

These are just a few short videos related to and about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and ghost town of Pripyat:  news feeds, chronicles, art footage, etc. Viewer discretion is advised - most of these materials are really hard to watch.

We took Pink Floyd's filming crew to Pripyat to film one of their Marooned in 2014.
pay attention to the second part of the clip that starts @ 2:25).

Pink Floyd - Marooned (Official Video)


A blogger's video shot on our tour


Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, BBC Original Report. April 30, 1986


NTD TV News: Feed


Inside Chernobyl (2012) by Adrian Musto, Arkitekture


Alyosha - Sweet People. EuroVision


Chernobyl Diaries - Official Trailer - Movie (2012)

Seeing Chernobyl and Pripyat with your own eyes

When you go on a Chernobyl-Pripyat trip, you will have a great opportunity to see a lot of the above with your own eyes. This can be a pretty emotional experience. Please check this to see how the tour organizers can help you arrange for a visit to the Exclusion Zone.

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