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Best things to do in Kiev: Places, Tours, Nightlife, Entertainment    

Chernobyl Tour, Ukraine: Reactor, Nuclear Disaster/Accident

It's official: you have just decided to spend your next short vacation in Kiev, Ukraine. Congratulation! Kiev is a home to an impressive array of cathedrals, monuments, historic buildings and districts, sports venues and events, restaurants, exhibitions disco- and nightclubs. It's a starting point for several unique tours: Chernobyl-Pripyat, military adventure, nuclear missile base tours.    

Here is how we see your plan for this stay in our city:

Day 1
Afternoon arrival at the Kiev international airport Boryspil; airport-hotel transfer.
Evening pedestrian downtown tour (Independents Square Maidan, Kreschatyk street, Andriyivski Uzviz).
Drop-by at one of those Ukrainian ethnic restaurants for a delicious and filling dinner-supper.

Day 2
Chernobyl-Pripyat day tour. Evening of rest.

Day 3
Kyiv city and cathedral tour. .
Chernobyl museum.
Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.
Nightlife event.

Day 4
Departure: "Good-bye! See you next time!" 

Kyiv City Tour
           from 25/hr

To book or inquire, email us at:

Grand Kyiv City Tour
           from 199/group

To book or inquire, email us at:

- complete 8 hour Kyiv sightseeing experience; 
- Dnipro river boat excursion;
- zip line;
- lunch/dinner at a Ukrainian ethnic restaurant with live music

Nightlife and Entertainment    

You can find a lot of info on Kiev nightlife and entertainment. If you think it's too much for you to handle it properly and you might need a hand in this department, we can offer you several ready-to-go nightlife products, like for example:
Five Beers Pub Crawl,
Kiev High Street Bar Walk,
VIP Entry to Kiev Lap Dancing Club,
Kiev Night Clubbing,
Kiev Vodka Tasting Tour,
Kiev Private Strip and Beers 

 So, give us a shout if you need assistance here.     


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