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Chernobyl Photo Images

What you will see in the Exclusion Zone  

These photos illustrate just a little fraction of what you are going to see when you go on a Chernobyl tour and visit the ghost town of Pripyat. These are pictures of Chernobyl nuclear power plant/reactor, block 4 sarcophagus, unique aerial images of the site of the worst nuclear accident and disaster that ever happened to the mankind. It happened in 1986, near Kiev, Ukraine.

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant


Rusty Shipwreck near Pripyat

Power Block Sarcophagus


Power Block Sarcophagus


Aerial Image of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plan

Nuclear Power Plant


How you arrange for a visit to Chernobyl

Tens and tens of thousands of tourists have already visited this breathtaking place on Earth. To do so, you will need to book a tour which operate from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. This is a year-round operation. In most cases, you will need to book in advance. Please check this page for more details on the available dates, booking procedure and rules. 

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